Were do you went to go?
web site you should try befor you go off
travel tip by the gov
Items you cant bring on a plan
map around the us
translate  know the simple words
How much is your money worth
1. Make sure your pass port is still good
1. Make sure you get your shots
1. Have your visas
1. now small words like police, help, money, teaxe, were can i buy some weed lol jk
1. make copy of your passport, and any other birth cirtifice, and licincens
1. tell a friend to pick up your mail, feed your pet, water plants, newpaper, trash.
1. find out how much your money is worth, and what each bill cost
1. facebook people that live in the area your going to vist
1. find out the weather no brainer (so you can pack aproptley)
1. tell people wear your going and wean your going to be back

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