Thing you should know

Know Death is never the answer

Know that you on the earth for a reson and if you take your life the pain well go away,  but you well be giving up on your self, your family, your friends, the people you will have a impact on and the people that you would have helped or the impact you would have on this world. You would be looking for the easy way out, and easy way out is never the answer. Your a fighter out of 500 million sperm you bet them all lol.
live simply so other people can live

"Know that you are Braver then you believe, Stronger then you seem, and Smarter than you think"

Know you are not alone

Know they are in a better place

Know you dont have to go though this alone

Lean on family, friends, relitives, {2-1-1}, 1-800-273-8255, 1-800-6842324, 1-800-273-TALK

 Know the pain well only get wores if you dont take action about it

dont lay in bad get up and take act, go out side. go to a park or go, Lisson to music, be around friends, family. they say scream really help so go out side and scream or if to shy go inside your car drive to a emtey parking lot and scream. let it all out. get active about it take to some one a good help line is

Find your self after, re-bilding your self

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Thing to remmber

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Keep this in a safe place and return to it every day

Never give up on your self

Alway know that everything happen for a reason

Stay strong becoues you well win this game of life

Talk to people about how you are feeling, write it down

Forgive your self for what happen

Acceped what happen and move on, that what they would have wented for you to be happy. (No one would went some one to be sad becoues they gone, they would went you to be happy)

They are in a better place

Live so that other people can live

If you lose some one, you know the feeling so dont let one day go buy with out tell your family, and friends that you love them

Get ative force your self