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Ok let start. We all know what we need to do to get the body we always wented. We read about it, we watched videos over it. 1. Eating right (throw away all your junk food) and go buy vegetables, fruit, fish, grill chicken, and salad. It might sound bad and taste bad but I guarantee if you eat it for a month you will grow use to it and like it. Your body is great, it adapts and overcomes. 2. Throw away soda, why drink soda for the caffeine, go drink coffee, but not from starbucks. 3. Make a routine of food that you will eat each day, look up food that is good for you or look up fast food place that don't have so much fat in it. 4.  Work out, work out, work out. Your body needs you to work the hell out, keep active, be motivated to do this. Think how much things you lost out on and write it down. All the things you lost out on, and what it cost you in life, and how it hurt you every day. Now post it in your room or at your front door, kitchen refrigerator. Every time you don't want to eat right or work out, remember all the bad things that came with not doing this thing. It's your choice. it's your life so take control of it. Nothing worth having comes easy. Make a routine m-f of your what exercise your going to do.

The reason why we get so big or we don't like ourself is because we gave up on ourself, but no more. Say no, say no more. Every meal counts, every site up has a different method. Everyone says "tomorrow", "the next day", "I'll get around to it". No more, make the decison that will change your life now. No more giving up, I am not a quiter any more.