let get a job
get up and get active

were to find a job at

No college
Police officer
U.S postal service
Any cell phone company
Any resturant
Any hardware store
Airline Pilot
Air Traffice Controller
Any colthing store
Elevatore Installer
Software Developers
Satalite repair
a/c repair
car tech

Without highschool or ged
Working construction
Land scaping
Business Owner
Working on cars
Repo man
Correctional officers
Truck driver
Oil rigs
Appliance repairman
If you would like to add any thing or if you have any sugestion on how to make this site better please contact me.

How to get a job today!!

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Places that are hiring near you
yahoojob hunter
aol job search
career builder
job search from ask
what to wear
Ourt Partners
Clean clothes, get a hair cut, shave, smell good, these are all must do's for any job. Put on a suite, if not a suite wear a dress shirt, do not fold  the sleaves. Wear dress pants, no blue jeans, no shorts, no saging. Wear a belt, make sure your clothes match, no hats, no artsie t-shirts, no pants that drag on the ground, and no ripped pants. Always hold a breath mint in your pocket, no jewelry for men, for woman only 2 items.

what to wear if your a man or woman
what to wear
what to wear if your a man
what to wear if your a man 2 video
what to wear if your a woman
what to wear if your a woman 2 video
what to wear if your a woman 3 video

resume, thank you letter
Remember a header,
there are may diffrent kinds of resumes out there, you have to pick whitch one really speeks to you. Once you find it, it will be all worth it.

examples of resume
google resume
bestsampler (really easy pick your job from the left side of the screen)
how your resume may look
resume for job a-l resume for jobs j-z
examples of thank you letters,
short and to the point
thank you letter
thank you letter 2
thank you letter 3

interview, how to act
Customer Care
how to act,
Sit up straight, shake with your whole hand, say yes sir, or mam. Make eye contact, pratice speeking in front of a mirror, look alive, smile, do not chew gum or anything else. Get a family member or friend to help you remember imporntant ? to ask. Have them pre interview you for practice.

how to act 1
job ?
Job ? 2

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