Lookout (Helps find your phone if stolen, and find virus's if any of your apps have virus's attached to them)

Safe Note (Locks your notes away so the only way you can access them is using your pass word)

Evernote (Lets you take notes and pics and save them on the net. This is really useful if your phone ever breaks or if you don't have your phone with you. All you do is go to they web page and look at your item)

Task killer (There are alot, I download 5 lol, just to test them out, didnt find any of them use full, they fast to kill apps, that you need delated but they take up to much space and some people had to delat them becoues they were frezzing up they phones ): the best way to delate apps are just going to your settings, then go to applications, go to manage applications then delate the one that you dont need.

Facebook lol

Pandora (looks up music, any and all kinds)

Kakao Talk (live chat, with you and your friends)

You Tube


     -Action games

Stupid Zombies

Gun Bros (Great shooting games to play with your friends. Shoot, shoot, kill.)

Angry Bird (Really addicting game, good luck getting off of it)

Ninjump (Jump from building to building without getting hit)

DB2 ( Bowling your way through levels, tilt your device)

Mobile Andrio (Really can't beat the first level, p'd me off, but fun)

Paper toss (Make the paper into a trash can, against the wind fan)

     -Brain Games (Puzzles and word games)

Words Free (Wow, crazy playing with people from all over, or just play with your friend. You spell out words like the game scrabble)

Tetris (You know Tetris)

Plumber (You connect the pipes)

Bubble Buster (Pop the bubble, it gets harder and harder, plus there is no time limit)

Find the Difference (There are many different versions of this game, all are free. You look at one pic and look at another and you find the difference between the two.

Jewel (You rotate the Jewel to connect 3 in a row)


Shopkick (Get paid for going into a store, and get great  coupons all over)

Groupon (get great deals and coupons where you live)

Barcode Scanner (Scan the barcode, see the info about that item you want)


Navigation or Maps there are many but the one I'm using is google navigation (find out how to get where you're going)

Google Translate (Really cool app. You talk into your phone, and your phone translates it to english, or any other lauguage)


Craigslist (Easy if you like to make money. Here's how: You go to ebay, buy things on there for cheap, last min type of things. Then flip it on craigslist, they are so many people on craigslist that dont want to deal with the shipping)

Stocks (If you need to keep up with stock exchange)

Gas Buddy (Fnd the best gas price around you)

PdaNet (Connect your phone to your computer so you well never run out of internet)

Wireless Tether for root users (Connect your internet that's on your phone to your wireless devices)

Fuze Meeting (Make conferrence calls and live chat)


E-bay (Find what your looking for)

Flash Player 10.1

Skype (Live chat)

Random Apps That Comes in use

Google Books

Medscape (Have medical problem? Find what you have here without going to the doctor)

Grocery IQ

Google googles (Crazy, you take a pic of something and google scans the pic, then gives you details about that item)



MP3 music download



Power amp

Frost wire

gtunes music

ring droid

APPS FOR YOUR I PHONE (I am sorry Iphone user, I only have a andriod phone, but if you e-mail me with good, free apps, I will review them, online and post them here) some of the apps for the andriod work on the Iphone, I have links to site that do offer information about apps for your phone.

148 free apps (This is a great site, just tryed to click on an app and it took me to my itunes window so you can download it to your computer and then to your phone)

FAA (Tells you great apps for your iphone that are free)

APP CRAVE (Great free app place, download them to Itunes then down load them to your phone for free. They have categories, so it's a quick find on what you want)

Iphone app 4 free (Would be a good web site if they give a description on what these apps do. There are free apps but you have to look up what they do for yourself)

Midomi (Say a tune and it will look up your song)

MixMeister Scratch (Turn table)

iFob (Social network)