How to get over a addiction

How to get over a addiction
Addicion is a bit**. I'm addicted to drinking, my mom is addicted to gambling. She spent more money in one day than she would make in 6 months. Addiction can kill or hurt you,  and the people around you (family). An addiction is when you let something take control of you, how you feel and how you act. It's like a virus that eats away at you from the inside, it makes you feel like you always want to feel, so you don't have to deal with real life, it gives you a sense of false pleasure. Addiction will brake you down, pick up back up, and leave you on the corner to die. It will take the best out of you and just leave the worst in you.

Do something about your addiction before you hit rock bottom, because you will eventually.

1. know you are not alone

1. Write down all the problems addiction has caused you, (all of them). Post this list everywhere, hang it up in your room, hang it up on the refrigerater and keep one on you at all times. When you think about going back or have a urge for it, read the list.

1. Write down how much better off you are without it! (How much your life will impove) ect money, family, life.

1. Think of why you started and ask yourself was it really worth it?

1. If you don't stop now, think of what you will become. (Trust me, it's not going to be pretty and you really don't want to stop thinking of it this is reallity, stop living in fantasy world.

1. It will not be easy get over any addiction, it takes work and dedication.

1. Anything worth having does not come easy. ( You want to feel good, you have to work for it.)

1. Go for a walk, go to the park, go to a lake, go get some fresh air, go to the gym. Get out, running, or go to a pool and start swimming, just get some excercise.)

1. Join a group or talk to your family

1. Change your mindset, the things you do, your room, change your clothes,  youre hair, change the way you think even. For everything you think you like, think of it in a negative way. Think about why you want to change and put postive reinforcment behind it.

1. start drinking water

1.  Write down what you really want in life.

1. Addiction is a bi** you don't have to face alone, talk to people, join groups, talk to family, friends, even me.

1. Leave all your cards (debit, checks, credit cards) at home. Only take cash, and a cell phone

1. It's all mental, if you think you can't live without it, you will believe it. You will try to use it as an exscuse for not trying to fix the problem. It's not easy though,  like I sayed, anything worth having never comes easy.

1.When you stop doing something about your addiction, then you truly will lose. Don't give up the fight, don't back down. Prove to yourself that you are strong, and that you have a purpose here.

1.Addiction is not funny, people will kill or hurt the ones they love the most. You have control over this, do not think you don't. Everytime you let your addiction take control,  it gets stonger, making you weaker and weaker.  You don't want to wake up one day with nothing, living on the street and wishing you had the will to change or wish you were dead.